Bühler introduces automatic moisture control unit

by World Grain Staff
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UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Bühler recently introduced an Automatic Moisture Control Unit for grain that helps maintain consistent grain moisture.

Fluctuating moisture levels in the grinding process make it harder to operate consistently and produce high-quality flour. Bühler said its new Automatic Moisture Control Unit for grain enables mills to operate more efficiently with its precision measurement capabilities.

Using latest microwave technology applied on line during the production stream, the system precisely measures the moisture content of grain on a constant basis. It then sends the captured data to the control unit, which compares it to the moisture level set point defined by the operator. Finally, the system calculates the exact amount of water that must be added to ensure consistent grain humidity.

The Automatic Moisture Control Unit, which meets the food safety standards of the milling industry, features an optimized product inlet with material guidance.