Ocrim hosts annual “Wheat, flour and…” event

by World Grain Staff
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CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim hosted local dignitaries and members of the global grain and flour industry in Cremona, Italy on Sept. 14 and 15 for the third edition of its annual open days called “Wheat, flour and…” 

Alberto Antolini, Ocrim’s chief executive officer, welcomed the guests and gave a presentation on the company and industry it serves. In the evening on Sept. 14 at Filo theatre,  in the historical center of Cremona, a presentation about Ocrim’s new work approach was given. The main subject was the “COURAGE OF OCRIM” underlined by Antolini. He said that the courage produces change, change leads to innovation and innovation brings quality. 
Ocrim’s office walls are adorned with various phrases and quotes that represent the spirit of a company which wants to fight and win. These inspirational messages include “Let’s shape the future-” and “will to power-.”  
Presentations were given on Sept. 14 and 15 to guests from all over the world and institutional representatives of Cremona. 
On Sept. 15, at Ocrim’s headquarters the Mayor of Cremona Oreste Perri inaugurated  the new museum “Ocrim Core” which features post-modern installations and ancient machines. The mayor commented that he appreciates the effort and the industrial strategy that has enabled Ocrim to  become one of the most important companies in the milling sector.

Ocrim’s guests — including the General Manager of GSFMO Waleed El Khereiji — were given a tour of Ocrim’s factory, which has been the beneficiary of significant investments in 2012-13. The visit gave the company’s customers, authorities and the press a chance to directly see Ocrim’s manufacturing process, which is in evolving. Ocrim commented that thanks to the investments in its production infrastructure, it has become more and more competitive offering high-quality products completely produced in Italy. 
The final evening on the annual event was reserved to Ocrim’s employees and their families. There Antolini announced that Ocrim’s sales volume has grown “from €40 million in 2008 to €67 in 2012 and a valuation of €75-€85 million in 2013.” He noted that Ocrim has commenced work on a €120 million project in Saudi Arabia that includes three sites. The work is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2014.