Esteve opens test center

by World Grain Staff
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RIANS, FRANCE — Esteve opened its test center in Rians, France, on July 16. The center has been designed to represent customers’ industrial processes, and it is also flexible enough to adapt to a variety of tests.

The center includes an empty big-bag station, a pneumatic conveying system and a metering station around which can be installed various mobile devices to configure the system according to the specifics of each test.

The big-bag station can support products delivered in big bags or in smaller packaging with an emptying hopper for bags.

The products can then be transferred to a metering station by pneumatic conveying equipment operating both in pressure or vacuum. Inline elements such as a magnet or a sieve can be inserted. The air speed can be adjusted to suit the nature of the products and transfer mode.

The metering station consists of a weighed cyclone filter "all options.” Accessible via a wide platform, it also includes portholes and a quick opening hatch for easily visualizing the behavior of the products.

The station also offers the opportunity to test the dosage of micro-ingredients with a full range metering devices (SCD/MCD/DVT) operable by both batch and continuous downweighing.

The facility’s controls are centralized in a main control cabinet incorporating a PLC and a control panel with a new design allowing for a natural and intuitive navigation.

In addition, the facility includes an array of small equipment for the characterization of powders with a vibrating screen for measuring particle size and fluidization column.