Stern-Wywiol Gruppe companies to present at food expo

by World Grain staff
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HAMBURG, GERMANY — Six companies in the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe will be presenting innovative new products at Gulfood/ Ingredients Middle East 2013. At their shared booth S3–G18 in Hall SSH3, the sister companies Hydrosol and SternVitamin will feature tailor-made stabilizing systems as well as vitamin and mineral premixes, while Mühlenchemie, DeutscheBack and SternEnzym will focus on innovative solutions for the baking and milling industries.
Mühlenchemie, one of the world’s leading companies in flour treatment and improvement, is presenting EMCEgluten Enhancer, a new compound of enzymes and vegetable fibers. It is added to the flour immediately after milling, and increases water absorption, stability and fermentation tolerance. In addition, by replacing gluten, EMCEgluten Enhancer can also noticeably cut costs.
The TopBake WA series is new to the product range of DeutscheBack, a company specializing in baking premixes and ingredients and in convenience products. The TopBake WA concentrates increase water absorption and thereby dough yield. They make bread and roll dough more stable, and also provide a moist crumb that stays fresher longer. For allergy sufferers there is a version for gluten-free products.
SternEnzym specializes in the development, production and marketing of customized enzyme systems for confections, dough and baked goods, as well as beer and spirits. At the Dubai trade fair, along with other products the company will be showing Sternzym Fresh. This enzyme compound is intended for use in baked goods production and industrial baking, and extends the crumb freshness of packaged bread to up to 15 days. Consumers get better quality and there are fewer returns from supermarkets. Sternzym Fresh is also offered in a version for certified organic baked goods.
For the dairy business SternEnzym is showing Dairyzym Y 50 L, a new generation of lactase. An innovative purification step means it is free of all secondary activity, so that unlike conventional lactases there is no off-taste in milk, thanks to the high purity of the lactase. It is ideal for lactose-free dairy products as well as ice cream, condensed milk and sweet bread spreads like dulce de leche. The lactase prevents crystallization in cooking and freezing, and thereby a sandy mouth feel.
SternVitamin’s core business is the production of food supplements as well as vitamin and mineral premixes for enrichment. In addition to target-group specific concepts with targeted vitamin and mineral mixes, such as for cookies, candies and fruit gums for kids and enriched dextrose tablets for athletes, the company also makes ideas for lifestyle products. The possibilities range from chewing gums with concentration-enhancing nutrients, to caramels with antioxidant ingredients or beauty and anti-aging vitamins, to “love boost” drinks for him and her, with stimulating plant extracts like damiana powder. SternVitamin uses modern technologies such as fluidized bed drying. Its new fluidized bed dryer lets the company transform poorly soluble powders into porous-structured agglomerates which dissolve much better in water. The machine can also do the drying, agglomeration and coating steps.
Hydrosol, one of the leading suppliers of stabilizing systems, will be showing new functional systems for the fast and simple production of milk beverages like chocolate drinks and breakfast drinks with cereal, without requiring high-pressure homogenization. Another innovation is stabilizing systems that protect the proteins in yogurt drinks like dough or ayran, prevent syneresis and keep the product stable. Hydrosol also has new, carefully balanced hydrocolloid and protein mixes for cheese preparations. They stabilize the consistency of various end products like pizza cheese, cheese patties, cream cheese slices and recombined alternatives for white, cream and salad cheeses, and help reduce production costs.
For meat and sausage products, Hydrosol is focusing on the HydroTOP line. These stabilizing systems are suitable for hamburgers, meatballs, chicken nuggets and meat fillings for pasta dishes. HydroTOP High Gel 20 is a new product that forms a heat-stable gel with a structure similar to meat, for a notable improvement in the texture of meat-reduced recipes. It also greatly reduces weight loss during heat treatment.
OlbrichtArom has 140 years of experience in the manufacture of flavorings and essences. In close cooperation with customers, the company creates new worlds of flavor for the baked goods, confections and delicatessen industries. Among its products at the fair, OlbrichtArom will show a range of natural flavorings in different vanilla versions at very favorable prices. Their citrus-peel pastes offer not just attractive flavor notes but also high fruit content. They are suitable for many uses, from baked goods to ice cream and confections to dressings and mayonnaises.