GSI introduces new grain bins, dryers

by World Grain Staff
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ASSUMPTION, ILLINOIS, U.S. — Grain Systems Inc. (GSI), a global brand of AGCO, introduced on Jan. 29 a new series of grain bins and grain dryers.
The GSI 40-Series bins are the next-generation in grain storage and handling. Presenting the new Z-Tek Roof System, the new 40-series bins’ roof can accommodate large grain-handling equipment while reducing the need for additional structural towers to support the weight. The additional strength will allow customers to move more grain faster than ever, cutting time required unloading trucks and filling the bin. Customers in northern climates will also appreciate the increased snow load capacities.
The 40-Series is designed for large farms and commercial grain-handling operations and offers capacity from 7,000 to 1.2 million bushels.
GSI unveiled the newly designed bin series to their dealers last week. The innovative line of bins and accessories, available this spring, addresses needs identified by GSI customers, dealers and builders, said Scott Becker, 40-Series product manager.
“We started with a blank canvas and asked for input from throughout the industry,” he said. “The result is the most all-encompassing product we’ve ever offered. It’s easier to use and even easier to build.”
For example, integrated attachment points in the 40-Series flat-top roof eliminate guesswork on where to attach material-handling equipment, allowing for accurate and fast assembly. And the new bins can be erected using many standard brackets and parts, allowing commercial bin builders to work more quickly and efficiently, reducing the owner’s construction costs.
In addition to the Z-Tek Roof System, the 40-Series uses a new stiffener profile and stronger 2-gauge material that support additional rings for increased bin height.
“Besides the higher capacity and better strength, the 40-Series also provides better protection from the outside elements, a benefit our customers will see now and for the life of the product,” Becker said.              
Superior protection of grain inside the 40-Series is provided by:
•           Overlapping roof sheets to prevent leaks.
•           Rust-resistant JS5000 bolts. 
•           A rolled structural base angle to prevent water from entering at the base of the bin.
GSI also introduced a network dryer control system that will be available on-farm by June. Vision N2 will provide farmers unparalleled control and flexibility in drying, storing and marketing grain, GSI said. 
“The new Vision N2 control system makes our portable dryers the most technologically advanced on the market,” said Travis Florey, GSI’s conditioning product manager. “Vision N2 provides growers the most control, flexibility and support during a crucial part of harvest.”
The new dryer controller allows growers to more easily change dryer modes and monitor mechanical performance and other grain quality factors in real time with a more dynamic touch-screen. Vision N2 replaces GSI’s first intuitive control system, Vision, which has been used successfully in the market for nine years.
“Vision was initially designed to provide farmers options and data. With this system, they reduced the time needed to routinely test moisture by hand sampling or tabulate efficiencies manually. They didn’t even need to be near the dryer to check to know it was running properly with the addition of WatchDogTM,” said Florey. “Vision N2 maintains these features and moves a giant step forward in terms of usability, functionality, graphics package, and durability.”
Vision N2 offers:
•           Globally compliant operating system with English, Spanish, French and Russian languages loaded standard.
•           Operates in extreme cold, to -40° C.
•           Larger 12.1 in. touch-screen with 3-D animation to monitor all essential moving parts within the dryer.
•           Improved quick menu features to optimize usability.
•           Capability to be remote-mounted up to 1,000 feet from the dryer.
GSI’s WatchDog System is now integrated in the hardware and available with a special key code. This allows farmers to access the dryer from laptops, tablets, and cell phones.
Additionally, in 2013 GSI dryers will feature patent-pending high efficiency burners. The improved design produces a cleaner flame for increased fuel efficiency and better flame recognition, both to lower operating costs. 
Production is scheduled to start at the beginning of June. Farmers who place orders early can expect their new dryers as soon as mid-June.