Vortex announces new Titan Series valves

by World Grain Staff
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SALINA, KANSAS, U.S. — Vortex introduced on Sept. 5 the new Titan Series group of slide gates and diverter valves specifically designed for heavy duty material handling applications. 
“For years, Vortex has been associated with developing valve solutions for light industry applications. Over time, our customers have asked us to develop more robust products for abrasion resistance, better maintenance, and reliability,” said Travis Young, Vortex’s vice-president of Global Business Development. “Through this cooperation with our clients, we have managed to build up a wide range of solutions for these difficult applications. We have branded the line as the ‘Titan Series’ which helps distinguish our heavy industry product line from Vortex’s traditional lighter industry valves.”
Titan Series products are engineered for handling highly abrasive material such as cement, clinker, coal, fly ash, sand, gravel, glass and limestone. Titan Series valves incorporate several design features to minimize downtime and increase process efficiency.