VIGAN supplies equipment for French port

by World Grain Staff
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SETE, FRANCE — The Port of Sète in France inaugurated the installation on May 21 of equipment supplied by VIGAN Engineering S.A.

CENTRE GRAINS (AXEREAL group) recently extended one of their quay and has equipped its terminal with a pneumatic unloader for barges of 5,000 tonnes and a shiploader for 25,000 tonnes vessels, both designed, manufactured and installed by VIGAN.

Designed for vessels with a 5,000 tonne capacity, the pneumatic unloader supplied by VIGAN has a round suction nozzle, which sucks the product into the hold, allowing to reach the maximum capacity in full heap of grain with a guaranteed minimum breakage.

Depending on the products discharged, the rate reaches 400 tph for wheat, corn or barley.

The rail-mounted gantry is moving along the quay, and supports all unloading equipment: an electric transformer group, the cabin with turbo-blowers, the unloading tower, the cable reels for power and control and a manual rail clamps (for securing the device in a parking position).

The unloading tower is mounted on a slewing ring with hydraulic motor. It supports automatic cleaning filter by compressed air injection equipped with a vent explosion, the 400-liter airlock and the 15-meter boom supporting the piping system, which can lift from 15° to 54° is by a hydraulic cylinder.

The second piece of equipment delivered by VIGAN to CENTRE GRAINS is a mechanical shiploader that was designed for vessels with a maximum capacity of 25,000 tonnes. The rail-mounted gantry moves along the quay and supports a bucket elevator (which receives the goods from a conveyor belt equipped with a platform tripper) and the ship loading system itself. The unloader can reach a capacity of 800 tph on grain with a density of 0.75. Its total height is 19.7 meters.

A slewing ring allows the orientation of the loading arm to a maximum angle. A beam supports a chain conveyor and the telescopic loading chute at the end. This beam can be hydraulically raised by two jacks to enable the positioning of the telescopic arm in the ship's hold.

The projection system is equipped in its upper part with a slewing ring, as well as an electric geared motor allowing its orientation in the ship's hold. The total angle of rotation is 340°.

The loading chute of the system is equipped with an overflow for the emptying of the vertical telescopic when stopping. The 800 mm-wide belt runs at a speed of 5-15 m/s and can throw the product at a maximum distance of about 15 meters.