Bühler launches innovation challenge to suppliers

by World Grain Staff
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UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Bühler’s Corporate Supplier Management and Corporate Technology departments have launched an innovation competition for suppliers. The Top 65 Bühler suppliers have been given the opportunity to become Bühler innovation partners.

Between June 8 and 12, the top 10 most promising ideas were presented to the steering committee of the Bühler Supplier Innovation Partnership Challenge. Twenty-seven out of 65 participating suppliers submitted their ideas following the innovation challenge, introduced at the Bühler Supplier Event Day in December 2011.

Some companies were very creative, submitting up to six ideas. From this pool of 27, the steering committee of the Supplier Innovation Partnership competition selected ten suppliers to present their ideas for further evaluation from June 8 to 12. The 10 suppliers selected were ABB, Baumer, Bossard, IFM, Marti Engineering, Oswald, SCA Schucker, Schneider Electric, Siemens and WAGO.

The ideas presented ranged from energy measurement to supply chain optimization. All in all, the discussions demonstrated that there is a sound understanding of what the businesses could generate together - and of how Bühler and its suppliers could grow if we worked more closely as true partners, Bühler said.

By the end of June, the steering committee of the Supplier Innovation Partnership competition will announce three ideas out of the final 10 to be targeted for implementation before the end of the year.