Pavan showcases forming, thermal treatment lines for fresh pasta

by World Grain Staff
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GALLIERA VENETA, ITALY — Pavan Group on Dec. 14 presented its new forming and thermal treatment lines for fresh pasta during an open house.
Pavan said deep appreciation was expressed by Italian and international fresh pasta operators who saw the new machinery and the innovative technological and mechanical features as well as the energy efficiency and simplification in the washing and sanitation procedures.
The day started with a conference on topics related to microbiology and food safety as well as the innovative and distinctive features of the presented machines. Fresh Pasta Sales Manager Paolo Carossa simulated real operating conditions, showing the efficiency these new lines can achieve.
Technical Director Ing. Sandro Rasera guided visitors through the production departments for the presentation of two automatic double-tank kneaders with a capacity of 1,100 and 1,700 kg/h, respectively.
In a dedicated area the following lines were also displayed: an entirely washable sheeter line for classic tortellini; filled pasta and double sheeted pasta; the SPW630 sheeter (630 mm wide and 7 mm thick sheets; 700 kg/h capacity); and the SPT540 double sheeter (producing two 540 mm wide and 7 mm thick sheets, 1,000 kg/h capacity).
For the forming process, the presentation focused on a series of entirely washable forming machines for cappelletti and ravioli (150 strokes/minute, 650 kg/h), classic and pinched tortellini, as well as double sheets for ravioli (170 strokes/minute, 850 kg/h). The thermal treatment equipment presentation concentrated on the 7-meter long non-stop dip cooker, the cooling bath, the 14-meter long pasteurizer/cooker and the pre-dryer (6 meters, 3 tiers).
The latest models of the main accessories were also displayed: the shuttle automatic mixture distribution system, the washable product conveyor belts and the lobe pump for filling/dosing in forming machines.