Pavan to showcase new pasta forming, treatment lines

by World Grain Staff
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PADOVA, ITALY — Pavan Group will showcase its new forming and thermal treatment lines for fresh pasta during an open day on Dec. 14.
The new machinery will be displayed in the show room in Galliera Veneta, Padua, Italy, where visitors will have the chance to appreciate its innovative technological and mechanical features including energy efficiency as well as a simplification in the washing and sanitation procedures. The presented equipment for thermal treatment includes a 7-meter long cooker, a cooling bath, a 14-meter long pasteurizer-cooker and a pre-dryer with three processing tiers having a length of 6-meters each.
With regard to the forming process, a series of entirely washable filling-forming machines for classic tortellini, filled pasta and double-sheet ravioli, as well as the SPW630 kneader-sheeter (sheet width 630 mm) and the SPT540 double kneader-sheeter will be presented.
The latest models of the main accessories will be on display: the special calibrator for sheeted pasta, the mixture conveying shuttle to feed more forming machines, washable conveyor belts and the lobe pump.