IAOM, Ocrim partner on training courses

by World Grain Staff
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CREMONA, ITALY — To help expand its outreach efforts involving milling training courses in Europe and the U.S., the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) recently announced plans to hold milling training courses in Italy.
IAOM will work jointly with Ocrim, a leading milling equipment manufacturer in Cremona, Italy, to provide educational and training opportunities to milling professionals at Ocrim’s International School of Milling Technology, which is located in Cremona.
“This is an important step in our efforts to enhance our professional development program and bring more opportunities for milling professionals on a more regional basis and to develop their skills, so they may become more proficient at their jobs,” said IAOM Executive Vice-President Melinda Farris.
The training at Ocrim’s school will be modeled after the successful series of resident milling courses, which IAOM has offered at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, U.S., for several decades. The courses will be led by Dr. Jeff Gwirtz along with the experienced faculty from the International School of Milling Technology.
The first training programs will be offered March 11-22, 2013. Fundamentals of Milling I and II will be offered during the consecutive weeks. Students may enroll in both sessions or elect to attend just one week-long session. More classes will be offered throughout 2013.
“We are excited about working with Ocrim on this new project in their training facility,” said Farris. “Students will benefit from the hands-on training and opportunities and in sharing their own experiences and knowledge with each other. Cremona, is a great place for students from various backgrounds to join together for this kind of professional development.”
Ocrim Chief Executive Officer Alberto Antolini said, “Our company has always believed that it takes more than passion to supply exclusive products. It also requires expert knowledge. Since 1965, our milling technology school has educated more than 3,000 technicians and shown that this is the right philosophy and path to follow.
“This agreement with IAOM will enable all the participants to share experiences and competencies in order to improve the quality of the milling industry.”
More information is available at the IAOM website,