Cimbria supplies core technology for Canadian company

by World Grain Staff
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FANNYSTELLE, MANITOBA, U.S. — In October 2010, Cimbria Canada commissioned new processing equipment in a renewed 15-tph seed, grain, canola and soybean plant at Nadeau Seeds Inc. in Fannystelle, Manitoba, Canada.

The seed processing and seed treatment business is the core for Nadeau Seeds as the company has built its business on being a leader in providing high quality seed and sound agronomic advice based on its own field research. Nadeau Seeds felt the need to upgrade its equipment to keep up with the demands of the industry in terms of quality, efficiency and specialty seeds.

The existing building was expanded to accommodate larger equipment, including a new Cimbria Delta Super Cleaner, Cimbria Heid indent cylinders and gravity separator, a Cimbria de-awner, spirals for canola and soybeans, and a Cimbria cyclofan providing the exhaust air.

The new plant layout is highly flexible, allowing for various machines to be included or excluded from the flow depending on the product in process and the level of cleaning required. Cimbria said that automation is also a major theme of the facility, with a custom-designed control system which automates the plant. The system features one or more programs for each product processed in the plant, sequentially starting and stopping the equipment required for the job at hand.

Cimbria said that Nadeau Seeds believes that as the seed cleaning industry continues to evolve in the future, it will also require color sorters and de-stoners.