Buhler increases energy efficiencies in Allied Mills facility

by World Grain Staff
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TILBURY, ENGLAND ­ — U.K. Allied Mills recently engaged Buhler’s Grain Processing division to increase the energy efficiency of the pneumatic suction conveying systems in its flour mills.

Uzwil, Switzerland-based Buhler noted that its initial step was for two of its experts to take the necessary measurements in two different grain milling facilities of Allied Mills to determine the current conditions. A few weeks later, the Customer Service specialists’ proposals were available. They advised the customer to improve the routing of the conveying lines and to install frequency converters.

Buhler said that wherever possible, the line routing was to use straight and direct pipes with as few elbows as possible and utilize the force of gravity. Frequency converters were to be installed in order to supply power to the high-pressure fans as needed without changing the pressure in the lines.

Happy with this proposal, Allied Mills assigned Buhler to revise, to restart and readjust the pneumatic suction conveying system of its flour mill in Tilbury, England. Buhler said the rebuild progressed as scheduled, and it did not take long before the first results were available: a reduction of 12.7% of power consumed on the pneumatic fans and a 1.4% reduction in total site power annually. This is equivalent to the power that 45 average households consume every year.

“The individual consulting services and the extremely targeted implementation of the different energy saving measures in our plant in Tilbury have convinced us,” said Duncan Lawson, group engineering manager of the U.K. Allied Mills. “Among other things, we are currently reviewing a similar project for our plant in Manchester, as we were highly satisfied with the consulting services supplied by Buhler there, too. Our goal, besides cutting energy consumption, is to maximize our plant’s performance in cooperation with Buhler.”