Intersystems applies for patent on RollerFLO 3i

by World Grain Staff
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OMAHA, NEBRASKA, U.S. — Intersystems announced on April 1 that it has applied for a patent for its newly launched triple idler enclosed belt conveyor, named the RollerFLO 3i.

Intersystems said that its highly skilled engineering department considered all potential customer needs within the new product and can create solutions through custom design.

The company noted that safety topped the list of concerns in the development of this new conveyor. Among the most important design features are the outboard bearings. This feature is an integral part of the patent application for this product. Intersystems said that other triple idler conveyors, both open and enclosed, place the bearings in dusty and potentially explosive environments. The design of the Rollerflo 3i puts the bearings outside of the conveyor enclosure to safeguard against explosion hazards that are inherent in other conveyor designs.

The RollerFLO 3i features side idler support brackets with easy two-bolt removal, external flange bearings, heavy duty idlers, two-way head discharges, reloading tail with a “quick clamped” hinged tail shroud and a self-cleaning spiral wing tail pulley. The external bearings are easily serviced while other conveyors have internal bearings that cannot be serviced.

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