Flour packing system supplied to Shipton Mill Limited

by World Grain Staff
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TETBURY, ENGLAND — Chronos BTH recently supplied Shipton Mill Limited, which is located in the Cotswold countryside near Tetbury, Gloucester, England, with a flour packing system.

Shipton Mill uses both traditional grains and traditional milling techniques to produce a diverse selection of specialist organic flours including: bread flour, cake flour, wholemeal, white, rye and spelt. Chronos BTH noted that to accurately pack such a specialized range of products, Shipton Mill decided that they needed to install Chronos BTH’s ‘bottom-up’ filling system.

Chronos BTH noted that the new dual head packing system has built-in flexibility for a third filling head to be installed later. The system is capable of packing a range of paper bags from 10 to 25 kg in capacity to an accuracy of + / - 20 g. The new packing system will also provide a hygienic filling solution. This will be achieved by the filled bags being stretched on the filling spout and a bag top transport system being utilized to control infeed to the sewing system.

Sealed bags will exit the filling station bottom first and pass through a metal detector, flattening conveyor and ink jet printer. A robot palletizer fitted with empty pallet dispenser and slip sheet applicator completes the automation of the packing line. As with the filling station, the robot palletizer has the capacity to cope with possible future expansions to Shipton Mill’s packing requirements.

“We have worked very closely with Chronos BTH engineers whilst selecting this packing system,” said Simon Hedges of Shipton Mill. “The high filling accuracies, coupled with the flexible and hygienic design of the filling system, were all key factors in deciding to place the order with Chronos BTH.”

Chronos BTH Limited incorporates Richard Simon Limited, Verville and Premier Tech Chronos – America; for European spares, refurbishments, service, installation and commissioning.