SOUTH PEORIA, ILLINOIS, U.S. — 4B Braime recently announced that it has released a new catalogue showing its range of drop forged conveyor chains and sprockets.

4B's range of chains includes the 102, 142, 216 and 260 mm chain pitches as well as 125, 150, 160, 175, 200 and 250 mm chain pitches. For specialized, high capacity applications, 4B also offers double and triple chain links.

4B also offers the Bolt 'n' Go system, a revolutionary assembly method for drop forged chains. Link and flight assembly is made simpler by using a standard bolt and mechanical lock nut with a high strength, heat treated hollow pin. There are no circlips and no intricate assembly is required. There is no welding of flights, no need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation and no issues with strength. Just bolt the links and the flights together.

4B said its forged chain is machined to precise tolerances and heat treated to endure high temperature and highly abrasive applications, and its drop forged chain also maintains the highest tensile test results on a consistent basis.