Latin American conference to address cereals issues

by World Grain Staff
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SANTIAGO, CHILE — The Second Latin American Cereal Conference ICC 2011, Keys to Innovation in the Production Chain of Food Cereal will be held in Santiago, Chile April 10-13 at the W Hotel.

The organizers of the event — ICC and Granotec — said this conference aims to promote the quality of the cereal research and to meet the expectations of farmers, agro-industrial administrators, industrial millers, bakers and all the cereal-related industries, along with laboratory specialists, process engineers and marketing professionals.

As a leader in the scientific community, ICC said it is committed to international cooperation through disseminating information and supporting new developments in the area of cereal science and technology worldwide.

The organizers have clustered the conference issues into four main areas:

nutrition and health;

biotechnology, genetics and cereal chemistry;

technological processes, equipment and methods for quality control; and

safety and regulations.

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