Bühler's hosts feed industry executive conference

by World Grain Staff
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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — In October, Buhler’s Feed & Biomass business unit hosted 25 executives from 15 leading European feed manufacturing groups in Zurich, Switzerland for a day-and-a-half feed industry conference. The hosts said that participants seized the opportunity to build networks across the boundaries of their organizations and to establish new contacts and exchange ideas with peer groups and with Buhler representatives.

The event addressed issues around “the sustainable production of feed.” Speakers from Kansas State University, The National Veterinary Institute/Sweden, The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/Switzerland, the strategy consulting firm Booz&Co. and Buhler specialists gave speeches on broiler production, feed safety, aquaculture trends and how to address the needs in fast growing markets, which triggered further plenum and group discussions.

The next conference will take place in Zurich on Oct. 24-25, 2012. This year’s conference participants have set the agenda for the 2012 venue: the art of feed milling, alternative and new feed ingredients, the efficient use of input resources, and food and feed safety, best practices and case discussions.