NEUERO turns 100

by Meyer Sosland
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Since NEUERO’s founding in 1914, the world and company have experienced significant change, but the need for the high-quality equipment remains.

Founded in 1914 by Wilhelm Engelbrecht and Carl Lemmerbrock in Neuenkirchen, Germany, the company originally manufactured agricultural equipment. Before founding the company, the two men had started manufacturing piping in 1909. They were only 19 years old and the first workshop was located in a laundry room. The company’s name “Neue-Ro” is a made-up word, containing the village name Neuenkirchen and the original product “rosette or Rohr” (pipe).

Originally, NEUERO’s main product was a straw cutter with a pneumatic blower. The company’s success in the pneumatic area led it to develop a strategy to advance additional products and expand market share in the pneumatic area.

Building upon the original pipes business and the pneumatic and regular agricultural equipment, throughout its history the company had many other activities including the manufacturing of electric motors, fan manufacturing (which still exists in Italy — Comefri), plastic conveying, and storage and shelters for aircraft.

After a decrease in business following World War I, the company expanded again in 1928. Patents for straw cutters were set in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary. The company moved to Melle, Germany and began industrial mass production.

After World War II, the need for blowers and other agricultural equipment skyrocketed. Although it was hard to obtain enough material, the company’s output increased to 10,000 grain blowers each year, leading to NEUERO’s market-leader status. The company’s equipment was delivered by wagon train to destinations all over Germany.

NEUERO built its first ship unloader in the early 1960s. The company’s first Multiport ship unloader was built in the 1970s. In 1976, the company expanded its global presence with the founding of a subsidiary in the U.S. — Neuero Corporation, West Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

A milestone year for NEUERO was 1988. That was when, after almost 75 years in operation, the company realigned its corporate structure with clearly defined separate units that each has the first name NEUERO – NEUERO Industrietechnik — shiploaders, shipunloaders and mobile conveyors; NEUERO Farm — storage silos, drying, cleaning and forage handling; and NEUERO Technology — railway maintenance equipment.

Anniversary celebration

NEUERO hosted a celebration of its 100th Anniversary in early June. All three of the privately owned company’s units came together for a dinner and music to celebrate. NEUERO Industrietechnik currently has around 50 employees.

NEUERO has supplied customers all around the world. From Romania, Brazil and Germany to Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia, the world’s major grain, oilseed and feed exporting and importing markets have been supplied with NEUERO’s equipment. From river barge facilities, to post-panamax level ports and everything in between, NEUERO has worked with them all.

The company has a variety of solutions for the global grain supply chain. The company has four different types of ship unloaders — Multiport, Flexiport, Tower and Stationary — and one primary type of ship loader.

The unit’s Managing Director, Tomas Kisslinger, recently visited with World Grain about the company. “I have now been with the company over 22 years. At the start, I was one of the youngest employees and now am one of the oldest. In the meantime, we have a great team mixing experience with innovation,” he said. “The company has a solid conservative financial profile. We only invest the money that we first earn. The result can be seen in our modern factory and offices.”

“Over the last 10 years, we have continuously expanded to a point where we need to invest not only in space and hardware but in software and brain process,” Kisslinger noted. “We believe 2014 is the start of a new era. We are looking to build solid partnerships and finding better ways to solve our clients concerns.”