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Covering flour needs in 2017-18

10/24/2017 - U.S. hard winter wheat crop has featured low protein; small spring wheat crop is in high demand.

Germany updates training for millers

10/24/2017 - Changes make it an all-encompassing qualification for those responsible for taking raw material from the field, to storage and on to the mill.

Milling on the dock of the bay

10/24/2017 - Interflour’s newest flour mill will provide access to one of Asia’s fastest growing markets.

Mexico's largest miller continues to expand

9/26/2017 - Grupo Trimex has 13 plants and the largest production capacity of wheat flour in the country.

AGIC attracts nearly 900 delegates

9/21/2017 - Emerging technology, sustainability and globalization examined at this year’s conference in Melbourne, Australia.