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E.U. feed market stagnating

3/9/2018 - Rabobank report shows that output has grown by only 4% in last 10 years, while global production has nearly doubled.

Mennel diversifying its product line

2/27/2018 - Having recently added bakery mix and popcorn plants, the company is building a spring wheat milling line in Fostoria.

2017 Global feed output reaches new heights

2/22/2018 - Annual Alltech feed survey estimates production at 1.07 billion tonnes, a 2.57% increase over 2016.

Brazil's grain transportation still lags

1/25/2018 - GAIN study says country must improve infrastructure to capitalize on record crop output.

Covering flour needs in 2017-18

10/24/2017 - U.S. hard winter wheat crop has featured low protein; small spring wheat crop is in high demand.