World Grain previews the 69th Annual International Technical Conference & Exposition of the Grain Elevator and Processing Society

by Teresa Acklin
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   Identity-preservation of grain, dust systems maintenance, biotechnology, maintaining quality in stored wheat and a look at the Internet are just a few of the topics that are scheduled for the GEAPS Exchange '98. The annual event, organized by the Grain Elevator and Processing Society, is set for Feb. 21-24 in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.

   Pre-conference workshops begin on Saturday, Feb. 21 and feature a basic equipment maintenance discussion. The educational sessions begin on Monday, Feb. 23 and feature a variety of presentations on preventive maintenance, safety, international affairs, quality control and biotechnology.

   Also featured is the Idea Exchange, an annual session that recognizes the grain professionals responsible for submitting the best operations and projects. The seven winners from this year will comment on their entries.

   The 1998 “What's New?” session introduces 17 new products, equipment and services for grain operations. Delegates can also check out the Exchange Expo, “the international marketplace of the grain industry,” where more than 270 booths filled with products, services and equipment are displayed. Following is a preview of some of the suppliers and their exhibits.

      Grain handling systems

   Effective Jan. 1, 1998, HSI Systems, Inc. and Airfloat Systems merged to become Airfloat/HSI Systems, Inc., Decatur, Illinois, U.S. The two sister companies also will merge operations into one manufacturing facility.

   A more efficient flow of resources will exist in the facility, and customers will receive quality products at even better delivery schedules and at the best prices. Airfloat/HSI Systems, Inc. is an ISO 9001 registered company that will continue to lead the industry in bulk material handling with a complete line of HSI grain handling systems.

   Currently, the latest concepts of “just in time” manufacturing are being implemented. In addition, by cross training its various departments, the company's internal structure will become even stronger. Airfloat/HSI Sytems will use this advantage to exceed levels of customer satisfaction through superior service. The merger of companies into one manufacturing facility will enable the commitment to providing quality products to meet customer requirements while focusing on continual improvement. With all these factors in place, the company can reach its mission to successfully provide the customer with complete satisfaction.

      Grain storage silos

   Commercial elevators looking for the lowest cost per bushel frequently want larger storage silos. Companies planning to implement identity-preserved grain storage require smaller, easier-to-manage storage silos. These are a few of the reasons Chore-Time Brock, Milford, Indiana, U.S., recently introduced new 32-meter diameter and 16-meter diameter silo sizes to its Brock line of on-farm and commercial grain storage silos.

   The company's product line now features more than 600 models of various grain storage silos from 2.7 to 32 meters in diameter. Capacities for the silo product line range from 14 to 19,000 cubic meters, including flat-bottom as well as hopper-bottom models.

   Brock's 32-meter silos feature a capacity range of from 7,400 to 19,600 cubic meters and a roof peak capacity of 6,800 kilograms. Brock's 16-meter diameter silos have a capacity range of from 1,600 to 5,600 cubic meters and a 2,700-kg roof peak capacity.

   Popular options include the company's patented two-ring Latch-Lock Walk-Through Access Door System and a Drive-Through Access Door designed to ease silo clean out. Brock's Latch-Lock Walk-Through Doors are strong enough to be placed in the bottom two rings of any of Brock's commercial grain silos. Brock's Drive-Through Door is large enough to permit the use of a front-end loader.

      Commercial grain storage

   CTB Grain Systems (formerly Butler Grain Systems), Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., offers commercial elevators and grain producers some of the largest grain storage silos available. The largest model of the company's 32-meter diameter silos has an eave height of 26 meters with a 35-meter overall height and offers a maximum storage capacity of 18,500 tonnes.

   The company has also recently introduced an 11-meter diameter model for its line of Stor-o-matic commercial hopper-bottom silos for grain storage. The largest hopper silo available, it has a 27-meter overall height and holds up to 1,600 tonnes.

   The company's product line now features more than 200 models of various grain storage silos from 4.6 to 32 meters in diameter. Capacities for the silo product line range from 40 to 18,500 tonnes and include both flat-bottom as well as hopper-bottom models.

   Customers can choose from a number of Butler's silo access door styles, including its convenient step-in access door models that feature easy-to-open inner door panels that can be opened without wrenches or special tools. The company also offers a wide selection of centrifugal and axial fans with a complement of both upstream and downstream heaters for in-silo aeration and drying.

      Grain cleaning and handling equipment

   To compete in today's export markets, suppliers must ship grain that is more uniform, with less impurities and foreign material. To accomplish this, Codema, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., markets a precision cleaner for capacities up to 160 tonnes per hour of wheat that can clean to export standards or better in just a single pass. These units have been placed into many heavy-duty service situations throughout the world with great success.

   A complete screen change can be achieved in less than one hour, making this unit very adaptable for cleaning different commodities such as barley, canola, maize, flax, lentils, malt, oats, peas, rye, soybeans, sunflower seeds, wheat, triticale and other bulk products.

   High velocity and air volume yields excellent results in terms of separate dust and light material removal at the inlet and outlet. The cleaner works on a return-air principle, meaning only 15% of the spent air volume is drawn off to a filter. Sieves use a rotary movement and are cleaned using heavy-duty rubber ball cleaners.

   Codema's HICAP Bottomless elevator buckets provide the most efficient use of elevator legs by utilizing the entire surface of the belt as a virtual “column” to convey grain and other bulk materials. HICAP buckets are manufactured in cold-drawn steel for superior strength and durability. Although commonly used to promote increased leg capacities in retrofit applications by up to three to one, HICAP buckets can also be engineered into totally new turnkey systems, thus reducing physical leg casing size and associated structural requirements. HICAP buckets have been proven for years handling fine and granular products in export facilities, feed and flour mills, as well as marine receiving facilities.

   Grain analysis system The GAC2100 grain analysis computer from DICKEY-john, Auburn, Illinois, U.S., combines fast, fully automatic analysis of grain moisture levels with superior communications technology to optimize the accuracy and performance of grain testing programs.

   Features include self-loading, automatic sample weighing, automatic temperature, automatic moisture compensation and a self-test before each moisture reading. A 64-calibration memory with user-defined “quick-keys” for automatic selection of most used grains is available, as is a page-by-page forward or reverse scroll-through for selection of other grains.

   Communication software provides the ability to upload or download calibration data and other configuration parameters and to perform remote diagnostic checks by an authorized technician.

   The GAC2100 has been selected as the official moisture meter for the national inspection system of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration.

      Elevator and conveyor components

   4B Elevator Components, East Peoria, Illinois, U.S., specializes in the manufacture and supply of bucket elevator and conveyor components. The extensive line of products includes plastic and metallic elevator buckets, elevator bolts, level indicators, hazard monitors (speed, alignment, temperature) and forged conveyor chain.

   4B was founded in the United States in 1984 as a subsidiary of Braime Elevator Components, Ltd. which is located in Leeds, U.K. Braime has been manufacturing steel pressings since 1888 and in 1909 introduced the first seamless steel elevator buckets. In the 1970s and early 1980s innovative business management diversified the product line, starting with plastic elevator buckets and forged conveyor chain and moving up to the high technology end of the market by supplying electronic level and speed monitors.

   With a permanent staff of diversified engineers who specialize in electronics and mechanical conveying, 4B assures that state-of-the-art products are available to meet the highest quality and performance standards.

   In recent years, 4B has followed a policy of selectively adding complimentary products with the aim of offering our customers a single supply source for material handling components. 4B products are unequaled in quality and performance, and our reputation for service has become widely known.

   Visit the 4B Elevator GEAPS exhibit at booths 604A and 606B and register to win a free signed Terry Redlin original print entitled “Bountiful Harvest — Break Time Amidst the Grain Dust Haze.”

      Bucket elevators and drag conveyors

   Grain Systems, a division of The GSI Group, Inc., introduces Material Handling, providing a new line of bucket elevators and drag conveyors. Both are designed to be built to inventory and are engineered to be shipped from stock to meet the application and minimize length of delivery time.

   The products are available in powdered coated for extended outdoor exposure, galvanized and stainless steel construction. Drag conveyor models range in capacity from 25 to 1,040 tonnes per hour. The bucket elevators will offer capacity up to 1,040 tph.

   The drag conveyors offer all welded steel or roller chain engineered for each specific conveyor to maximize working load and expected life. UHMW flights prevent steel to steel contact. The head section includes extended mount flange rearings on 304.8 mm and 355.6 mm tall conveyors and exterior mount pillow block bearings on 508 mm tall and taller conveyors. The head section also includes machined 9.5 mm thick UHMW shaft seals.

   The tail section includes a heavy duty chain tension take-up system using corrosion resistant acme threaded rods and flame cut steel sprockets with hardened rim and C-hub. The boot section of the bucket elevator includes a belt tension take-up screw using corrosion resistant acme thread rod and externally mounted pillow block bearings.

   The head section includes a two-piece hood for interior accessibility and a full radius contoured hood to minimize wear and improve material discharge flow. The trunking includes fixture welded structural angle iron flanges continuously welded on trunks. The trunking can be furnished as factory assembled 3,048 mm utilized sections for efficient field erection or knocked down for increased shipping capacity.

   GSI also offers more than 1,000 models of grain bins, grain dryers, and aeration equipment and marketing to more than 70 countries. Visit us at booths 713A, 715D and 717D.

      Grain analysis equipment

   Perten Instruments, Huddinge, Sweden, provides tools for quality control of grain, flour, feed and food. The company is represented all over the world by its own sales offices or by representatives. Methods of Perten Instruments have been endorsed as world standards.

   Perten Instruments offers a full range of laboratory mills for correct and convenient sample preparation for most tests in the grain industry. The Falling Number System is the international standard method for determination of alpha-amylase activity in wheat. It is a rapid method to detect sprout damage and to optimize the enzyme activity in wheat flour to ensure optimal baking performance.

   Perten Instruments introduced the Glutomatic System, which is the standard test for determining gluten quality and quantity. The system includes instruments for simple and accurate characterization of gluten as weak, medium or strong in wheat whole meal and flour.

   The PerCon Inframatic System uses near infrared analyzers for rapid specifications of protein, moisture, hardness and ash in wheat, barley and rice. Whole grain analyzers, as well as analyzers for powder, are provided.

   Two new products are the Single Kernel Characterization System 4100, which is used for determination of grain uniformity and hardness classification on individual kernels, and the Diode Array 7000 Analysis System. The Diode Array 7000 Analysis System, featuring full spectra analysis capacity, provides one-second analysis time and user friendly operation for analysis of color, fat, moisture and protein in powders, whole samples and pastes.

      Pest protection and monitoring systems

   Pestcon Systems, Inc., Wilson, North Carolina, U.S., features a variety of products and services to monitor and protect against pests in grain. George Hunt, vice president, sales; Keith Hamm, director of commercial services; and Betty Lilyquist, director of environmental regulator affairs for Pestcon and vice-president of Sunzon International, are on hand at booth 831A to discuss customers' needs.

   Products include aluminum phosphide fumigants in pellets and tablets, fumigation application equipment, respiratory protection and gas detection equipment, grain protectant insecticides, insect monitoring systems and rodenticides. Pestcon also offers commercial application services. Sunzon International markets product internationally.

      Temperature monitoring

   For more than 40 years, The Rolfes Company, Earth City, Missouri, U.S., has been synonymous with temperature detection. Hotspot, a Rolfes trademark, is one of the most recognized names in the temperature monitoring of grains, feeds, bulk commodities, bearing, belt alignment and belt slippage.

   The reputation Rolfes has earned is a result of its “One Stop Shop” philosophy. Every component associated with Rolfes products is manufactured, assembled, rigidly tested, installed and serviced by Rolfes personnel.

   Today, Rolfes continues to be a leader in temperature detection through acquisitions of companies and products such as Zeleny, Burdick, HotSpot, PerTech, Grain Tec, George A. Rolfes and IICS.

   Additionally, Rolfes has developed a number of new products and services that expand capabilities and enforce the company's commitment to contributing to the industries they serve. Some examples of these products and services are completely automated grain temperature systems with full personal computer/programmable logic controller interface capabilities and grain level systems with full P.C./P.L.C. interface capabilities.

      Galvanized grain silos

   Scafco Corporation, Spokane, Washington, U.S., began manufacturing corrugated galvanized steel silos in 1961, producing silos with capacities ranging from 100 tonnes to more than 13,000 tonnes and hopper bottom silos with capacities ranging from 4 tonnes to several hundred tonnes. Scafco supplies a full range of accessories, aeration equipment and grain handling equipment, including bucket elevators, drag conveyors, screw conveyors and tube augers that are integral components of its systems.

   Scafco silos have been engineered for quality, quick assembly on site and simplicity of operation. Stiffened silos ranging from 5.5 to 32 meters in diameter and non-stiffened silos ranging from 4.25 to 14.6 meters, for both commercial and farm storage, also are manufactured. Scafco's plant and corporate offices have 5,400 square meters of modern manufacturing capabilities.

   Scafco's unique combination of unsurpassed design, high degree of engineering expertise, proper equipment selection, manufacturing and customer service after the sale has made Scafco a worldwide leader in providing grain storage systems. Scafco engineers use the latest in computer drafting and analysis techniques to develop and produce project layouts and designs, shop drawings and manufacturing specifications.

   Individual silos and storage projects delivered in more than 44 countries are storing wheat, maize, soybeans, barley, pulses, rice, sunflowers, palm kernels and other free-flowing products such as animal feed and non-agricultural materials.

   Scafco's success has been achieved because of dedicated customer service and design staff, qualified manufacturing personnel and all the tools necessary for efficient production.

      Sampling and testing equipment

   Seedburo Equipment Company, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. is a world leader in grading, testing and handling equipment for the grain, seed and feed industries and has prided itself on providing quality, state-of-the-art equipment.

   Seedburo's manufacturing division, Gamet Manufacturing, produces and distributes, worldwide, an extensive line of mechanical samplers. In addition, Gamet manufactures Seedburo grain sampling probes and triers, grain sample dividers, pellet durability testers, bulk weighing scales and many other Seedburo products.

   Other acquisitions and arrangements have allowed Seedburo to exclusively distribute many lines of equipment to the agricultural industries. Some of these products are Count-A-Pak seed counters, Burrows moisture testers, Seedburo computer grain scales, S/J grading and inspection viewers and inspection stations, Seedburo germinators and countless others.

   Additionally, Seedburo Equipment Company is currently involved in the production and marketing of the Seedburo Model GMA 128 fully automatic moisture analyzer. The GMA 128 uses a larger sample size than any tester currently available and has received National Type Evaluation Program certification from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

   Seedburo Equipment Company's extensive line of equipment can be found in its catalog, available at no charge.

      Pneumatic conveyors

   Christianson Systems, Inc., Blomkest, Minnesota, U.S., offers Handlair model pneumatic conveyors.

   The Handlair pneumatic conveyors are versatile, portable, efficient and built to last in the toughest applications. The conveyors are used in commercial and agricultural applications to transfer free-flowing grains to and from bins, silos, warehouses, bunkers, trucks and railcars.

   Standard features on the Handlair pneumatic conveyors include the heaviest main components in the industry. Handlair pneumatic conveyors feature cast-iron blow-through airlocks with adjustable steel tips. The blower is fitted with hardened gears, high-quality bearings and seals for long life, unequaled efficiency and performance. Other features of the Handlair pneumatic conveyor include: easy-to-handle piping with camlock couplers, heavy-duty frame, truck loading kit, silencer, swivel cyclone, gearbox drive (for direct, smooth power), airlock directional control valve and vacuum gauge (to monitor machine operation).

   The Handlair pneumatic conveyors come in six standard models, all available as PTO, diesel- or electric-powered units, ranging in capacity from 35tonnes per hour to 136 tph. Line size ranges from 102 millimeters to 152 mm.

      Grain processors, roasters

   Calormatic heat processors/roasters by Sweet Manufacturing Co. Springfield, Ohio, U.S., with new and improved features are fully illustrated and described in a six page brochure now available. Three models provide a wide capacity range in roasting grain and soybeans for improved nutrition and flavor.

   These processors are also being utilized in many applications for drying and dehydrating, sterilizing and conversion of waste products. An infinitely variable speed rotary feeder is one of the latest improvements. Call, fax or e-mail for complete details.

      Bucket elevators

   Tapco Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., will exhibit its complete line of agricultural elevator buckets. All Tapco buckets are manufactured in the highest grade of polyethylene, urethane, nylon and steel available.

   The popular CC-HD style is the most accepted design in North America. The CC bucket has proven, for nearly a half century, to be the best design available and is distinguished by the distinctive “breaks” on the bucket bottom. The precise angle of the breaks determines the bucket's discharge characteristics. “Rounded” bottom buckets can not emulate the CC style and its excellent performance.

   Tapco also maintains the largest inventory of elevator bolts in the Western Hemisphere. Four styles (No. 1, No. 3, blunt and pointed end fanged) are stocked in carbon steel, stainless steel and zinc plated. Tapco's inventory of more than 9 million pieces guarantees the proper bolt is available when needed.

   Tapco also inventories and markets the Jackson Plate Belt Fastener for elevator belts, the next best thing to a vulcanized splice. For more than 80 years, the Jackson Splice has done the job for the grain industry.

   Other important products are abrasion resistant sheet lining and drag flights and hanger bearings for screw conveyors. These items can reduce wear and friction in your grain facility.

   Please visit Tapco at Booths 822-824. Our experienced bilingual staff will be delighted to meet with you and discuss your applications.

      Conveying and elevating equipment

   InterSystems Inc.,Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., manufactures products and systems for conveying, elevating, bulk weighing, sampling and screening for the material handling and processing industries. The basis of our quality program is ISO 9001 certification.

   En-masse conveyors are available in capacities up to 1,500 tonnes per hour and can be inclined up to 60°. The heavy duty conveyors include optional accessories such as divided flows, intermediate discharge gates, and a wide variety of A.R.S. liners. Construction can be HR steel, galvanized or stainless steel.

   Elevator capacities are up to 1,500 tph and can be constructed of galvanized, HR steel or stainless steel. Options include platforms, ladder and cage, drives, motors, motion and alignment sensors and support towers. Elevators feature a heavy duty, commercial design, convenient access doors and fixture welding on the intermediate sections.

   Bulkweighing systems feature a factory assembled or field assembled design. Capacities range in excess of 2,400 tph and include hopper system, gates, load cells, power unit, test weights and the Agris oneWeigh control system.