Wheat quality reports offer detailed information for millers

by Teresa Acklin
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   Selecting the type of wheats best suited for specific end uses is important to assure the quality of finished products. Another key element is identifying the variations in milling and baking characteristics that can occur from year to year.

   Each growing season brings different weather conditions, and wheat reacts to its environment. For example, a hot, dry growing season often produces a crop with higher-than-average protein, although kernel weights may be below average.

   For this reason, organizations in several wheat exporting countries issue reports every year assessing various characteristics of the season's crop in their respective countries. These reports, or harvest surveys, typically categorize wheat by class and/or by geographic production area.

   Although the groups' reports vary somewhat in the detail provided, each generally includes the results of numerous tests for each class of wheat. Data usually consist of grading and wheat information, such as test weight, protein and falling number measurements; milling and flour statistics, such as extraction, color and gluten indicators; and dough and baking properties, including tolerance, absorption and loaf volume test results.

   The following organizations can provide more information on their annual crop quality reports:

   Australian Wheat Board

   Ceres House, 528 Lonsdale St.

   Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

   Tel: 61 3 209 2000

   Fax: 61 3 670 2782

   Canadian Grain Commission

   600-303 Main St.

   Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3G8 Canada

   Tel: 010 204 983-2749

   Fax: 010 204 983-2751

   Cerealiers de France

   8, Avenue du President Wilson

   75116 Paris, France

   Tel: 33 1 44 31 10 00

   Fax: 33 1 47 20 44 03

   British Cereal Exports

   Home-Grown Cereals Authority

   Hamlyn House, Highgate Hill

   London N19 5PR U.K.

   Tel: 44 171 263 3391

   Fax: 44 171 263 0921

   U.S. Wheat Associates

   Suite 801, 1620 I St., N.W.

   Washington, D.C. 20006-4005 U.S.

   Tel: 010 202-463-0999

   Fax: 010 202-785-1052