Website features interactive program that demonstrates screening efficiency

by Teresa Acklin
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   CINCINNATI, OHIO, U.S. — A new website by Rotex, Inc., a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of screening equipment, features an interactive program that demonstrates how even slight improvements in screening efficiency can lead to higher production rates.

   The “Screening Wizard” program calculates the production rate increase based on several parameters provided by the user, including type of screening application, material characteristics, feed rate and hours of operation. “Screening Wizard first determines the screening efficiency from the input parameters and then demonstrates how this efficiency can be increased to boost production rates,” according to Rotex.

   The website also includes descriptions of the company's screener and analyzer product lines, applications information and service and replacement parts. A comparative opening chart can be downloaded that lists production screen clothing and the corresponding standard test sieve openings.

   The website address of the Cincinnati-based company is