Vigan sees strong export growth in Europe

by Emily Wilson
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NIVELLES, BELGIUM — Sales of bulk handling equipment for the grain industry continue to grow each year for Vigan Engineering S.A., especially outside Belgium. Exports account for more than 90% of the company's total sales, the company said recently.

Vigan exports its ship loading and unloading equipment to more than 87 countries, but many of its recent sales have been to companies in The Netherlands.

Cargill, Inc. recently purchased a Vigan tower for its maize operation in Bergen-op-Zoom. A new Heineken brewery in s'Hertogenbosch also installed a Vigan tower at its malt plant.

Vigan adapted its NIV unloader with a new pipe design to handle cocoa beans in bulk without significant physical degradation or deterioration in quality, according to a Vigan spokesman. The Gerkens Cacao facility in Zaandam recently purchased a new Vigan 160-tph ship unloader for cocoa beans imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Gerkens Cacao is a subsidiary of Cargill.

A Cerestar starch facility in Sas-Van-Gent recently installed a Vigan ship unloader rated at 250 tph. This was the third order from the Germany-based Cerestar, which also ordered Vigan unloaders for facilities in England and Germany.

"By these investments, customers are prepared to succeed in a future of tougher competition," Vigan said. "The inventiveness of simple solutions give the best way for coherent and rapid adaptation to the changing world of cargoes handling."