Vigan Engineering S.A. is a worldwide supplier of port and silo equipment, working with customers from initial concept development to final completion and after-sale service. References for ship loading and unloading equipment are available in 88 markets around the world.

Vigan’s design and engineering offices, port equipment construction, workshops and customer service center are based in Nivelles, Belgium. Engineering is focused on finding cost-effective solutions requiring low maintenance for reliable and safe handling operations.

To transport various commodities such as grains and pulses, oilseeds and foodstuffs, mechanical ship loading equipment and pneumatic ship unloaders are available in capacities from 50 tph to 600 tph with two pipes. The sealed capture system prevents dust, spillage and contamination.

The chemical and related industries utilize Vigan ship unloaders for soda ash, alumina, stoker coal, fine coal, silica sand, petro-coke, black carbon, plastic granules and other chemicals.

With more than 8,000 successful worldwide installations of silos, ship loaders and unloaders for fragile and abrasive products, Vigan has earned a favorable reputation.

Vigan produces numerous choices in ship and barge loaders and unloaders to suit the local climate and space conditions of ports and bulk handling facilities. The company works with customers throughout engineering design, manufacturing, erection and start-up, personnel training in the factory and on-site, commissioning, after-sales services and financing.

Vigan guarantees first-class construction with the most technically advanced processes available today for the highest quality construction. Vigan is your partner.

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