Victam Feed conference preview

by Teresa Acklin
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VICTAM and A.F.I.A. events focus on technical, management and global industry issues.

   Events and technological developments influencing the global feed industry are featured topics at the American Feed Industry Association and VICTAM International conferences in May.

   The 90th Annual Convention of the A.F.I.A., set for May 4-6 in Dallas, Texas, U.S., offers a look at improving management strategies and achieving optimum performance in the global feed industry. The sessions include a presentation on changing paradigms across the world and their influence on the feed industry.

   At VICTAM '98, scheduled for May 12-15 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, a variety of issues, from technology to nutrition, will be discussed during the symposium proceedings. The sessions begin Wednesday, May 13, with a keynote speech by David Bossman, president of the A.F.I.A.

   VICTAM Technology, a session dedicated to technological advancements in feed related fields, follows the speech. Last-minute additive addition, the dangers and possible protection of additives in feed, application of structurized expandate in animal nutrition and technology for tailor-made feed are agenda topics.

   The VICTAM Aquafeed session follows the technology session. Aquafeed presentations include modern methods of monitoring fish feed intake, eco-friendly aquafeeds and feeding and fishmeal replacement in salmonid and marine fish feeds.

   The VICTAM Animal Nutrition and VICTAM Petfood programs are scheduled for May 14. Animal nutrition topics include feed and immunology, the role of enzymes, and ensuring that feed leads to safe food. Petfood discussions center on cooling technology, moisture control, mineral requirements and flavor perceptions.

   At the 13th VICTAM trade show, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, more than 210 exhibitors will be available to demonstrate and discuss their products and services for the feed industry. Following is information from several companies that will be represented.

      Buhler feed production technologies

   Through their worldwide activities, the technologies and engineers of Buhler are thoroughly familiar with the local requirements of animal nutrition that feed manufacturers must fulfill. This knowledge forms the basis for both the in-house development and manufacturing of all mechanical equipment and control systems and for the creation of customized plant designs. This gives you the certainty that you are producing animal feeds that will satisfy the needs of your market and are meeting the high requirements of animal nutrition.

   The degree of production efficiency that can be achieved depends on the availability of your plant for production. In turn, the availability and operational reliability of a production system is determined by the care with which the customer process, the equipment and the control systems are matched to one another. Buhler optimizes this match because the plan designs, mechanical equipment and control systems are produced in its own research, engineering and manufacturing facilities.

   Buhler designs and constructs production plants capable of processing all raw materials into compound feed that will be of optimal value in animal nutrition. We believe it is our obligation to use resources efficiently and sparingly and to protect the environment at the same time.

   Our services are provided locally and will remain available at all times even after years. To ensure that production plants supplied by Buhler will always operate optimally and for the benefit of our customers, our specialists are trained and educated on a permanent basis.

   On the basis of selected VICTAM '98 exhibits and live presentations related to current issues in the feed manufacturing industry, we will give you a detailed insight into the performance and innovation of our worldwide organization.

      GSI grain drying and handling equipment

   GSI International, a division of The GSI Group, Inc., provides a complete line of grain drying and handling equipment. GSI's efficient line of dryers includes more than 60 models.

   Each dryer's quality construction and design provide:

   •   5.2 to 104 tonne-per-hour capacity

   •   electronic control monitoring system

   •   low noise, high efficiency vane axial fans

   •   large plenum clean-out door

   •   easy access to discharge system

   TOP DRY is a fast and energy efficient grain dryer and storage silo in one. This unique system recycles heat, therefore reducing drying costs dramatically. Batch capacities for TOP DRY range from 14 to 56 tonnes. Drying capacities range from 2.6 to 33.8 tph based on 10-point moisture removal or 7.8 to 5.6 tph. The TOP DRY system doubles as a storage bin after harvest with storage capacities from 63.7 to 765 tonnes. TOP DRY is available in both a manual batch and a fully automatic version called Auto-Flo.

      Tapco elevator buckets

   Tapco Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., exhibits its complete line of agricultural elevator buckets. All Tapco buckets are manufactured in the highest grade of polyethylene, urethane, nylon and steel available. The popular CC-HD style is the most accepted design in North America. The CC bucket has proven, for nearly a half century, to be the most efficient shape available. The CC style is conspicuous by the distinctive “breaks” or “flats” on the bottom of the bucket. The precise angle of the breaks determines the discharge characteristics of the bucket. “Rounded” bottom buckets cannot emulate the CC style and its excellent performance.

   Of extreme importance is the impact strength of the Tapco non-metallic buckets. Steel buckets bend and tear during a “hang up,” or when foreign objects get into the elevator. The Tapco bucket is specifically engineered to absorb the impact, flex around the obstruction and then return to a workable shape.

   We will demonstrate, for the first time in Europe, the impact strength of the Tapco bucket. See for yourself where the future of elevator buckets is headed. Visit us at stand 8-D-106 (in the English Pavilion) and receive a personal presentation of our products.

   Tapco Inc. maintains the largest inventory of elevator bolts in the Western Hemisphere. Four styles (No. 1, No. 3, blunt and pointed end fanged) are stocked in carbon steel, stainless steel and zinc plated. Our inventory of more than 9,000,000 pieces guarantees you the proper bolt when you need it.

   Tapco also inventories and markets the famous Jackson Plate Belt Fastener. This fastener for elevator belts is the strongest mechanical splice on the market. It is only surpassed by a vulcanized splice. For more than 80 years, the Jackson Splice has done the job for the grain industry.

   Other important products are abrasion resistant sheet lining, in UHMW and urethane; drag flights; and hanger bearings for screw conveyors. These items can reduce wear and friction in your facility.

   Our experienced, bilingual staff will be delighted to meet with you in stand 8-D-106 and discuss your applications.