Vibronet: Diversified operations

by Chrystal Shannon
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Vibronet has diversified its operations, expanding from tempering systems to process control solutions and into consulting. A range of new products has been launched, including the automatic online hectoliter weight measure.

An evaluation of grain quality determines the weight of a defined grain volume, the hectoliter weight. Manual determination of the hectoliter weight with a 1/4-liter grain sampler requires substantial time. Large-sized receiving, loading or milling capacities require fully automatic online monitoring of the hectoliter weight as it is very important in every grain contract. A uniform hectoliter weight guarantees a constant milling process as well as regular end products. The newly developed on-line hectoliter weight determination functions according to the principle of long-used methods, but with state-of-the-art electronics. It is installed in the bypass of a product stream and can be used for all types of grain.

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