VMS Blower Systems

by Emily Wilson
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VMS Blower Systems Ltd., Brampton, Ontario, Canada, is a 20-year veteran of manufacturing and servicing positive displacement blowers and blower systems for milling and processing applications. Available in capacities from 250 cfm to 5,000 cfm, VMS blowers are engineered for reliable performance in a variety of applications, including pneumatic conveying of flour, sugar, fertilizer, plastic pellets, cement, lime and limestone. Through-shafts with stepped shoulders accurately locate the rotors, spacers and seals, preventing lateral movement and resulting in greater reliability and smoother operation. Heavy-duty alloy steel helical gears are heat-shrunk and taper-pinned to the shafts to eliminate impeller slippage and improve operating efficiency. Oil throwers in self-contained single-unit oil reservoirs are located at both ends of the blower housing to provide optimum lubrication for longer, quieter and cooler performance. Find more information about VMS at www.vmsblower.com.