VICTAM Europe 2001 postponed over FMD outbreak

by Emily Wilson
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VICTAM Europe 2001, a key trade show and conference for the international feed industry scheduled for later this month in Utrecht, the Netherlands, has been postponed indefinitely because of the spread of foot and mouth disease within Europe. VICTAM's European feed event, held every three years, had been scheduled for April 24-26.

In a letter to exhibitors and delegates, Hans van Vliet, VICTAM president, and Henk van de Bunt, general manager, said the decision was made after "urgent consultations" with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, exhibitors and feed associations. The VICTAM board concluded that postponement was necessary because safety would be "questionable" and because visitor attendance could be severely diminished, the letter said.

VICTAM organizers will look for an alternative date for the show. "For safety reasons, this postponement will be at least six months," the letter said.

VICTAM officials in late March announced that the event would include special precautions to prevent the further spread of the highly contagious FMD, including installation of disinfectant mats at the trade show site and requests that delegates avoid farm and feed mill visits before and after the event.