Victam Asia 2010

by Arvin Donley
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While a weakened global economy has led to declining attendance at many industry conferences and trade shows during the past year, Victam International continues to see growth at its biannual event held in Asia.

Large turnouts are expected at Victam Asia 2010, a conference and trade show that targets the feed industry, as well as two colocated conference and trade shows — the Feed Ingredients & Additives Asia Pacific (FIAAP), which was added in 2008, and GRAPAS, a new event which targets the flour milling, grain and rice processing, and pasta and noodle production industries.

These conferences and exhibitions, plus the forums and workshops on petfood, biomass, aquafeed and also the Thai Feed Conference on Animal Welfare and Sustainability, make this year’s Victam Asia event, held March 3-5 in Bangkok, Thailand, the largest ever.

Victam General Manager Henk van de Bunt recently announced that demand for exhibition space at the event was so great that additional booths had to be reserved inside the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. (See list of exhibitors, page 53).

He said one of the reasons Victam Asia 2010 has bucked the industry trend of declining conference and trade show attendance is that the South and Southeast Asia markets have not been as badly affected by the economic slowdown as some other parts of the world.

"Local industries were also able to respond more easily and quickly to the strengthening markets factors now influencing the region and the industries served by the shows," he said.

The Biomass Conference is also new to this year’s Victam lineup. Biomass is a processed (palletized) organic waste that is used within the power generation industry as an alternative green energy source. This rapidly expanding sector is gaining interest and importance all over the world, and Victam officials believe the Biomass Conference may be the world’s largest gathering of companies that offer biomass pelleting.

For further information on the exhibitions, conference programs and free registration, visit the Victam website (


The FIAAP Conference on March 4 will focus on ingredients and additives for animal feed production in the Asia Pacific region.

An international group of acclaimed speakers will discuss feed ingredients used to meet the challenges faced by today’s animal and aquafeed producers to deliver safe, nutritious diets to the world’s livestock farmers.

The meeting is designed for feed manufacturers, formulators, nutritionists, ingredient buyers and other feed industry professionals. It will also provide insights for service, ingredient and additive suppliers, researchers, veterinarians and others whose business depends on understanding the needs of the feed industry and the possibilities offered by advances in feed ingredients and formulation.

The educational program, entitled "Ingredients for Success," includes the following presentations: "The Global Supply and Demand for Fishmeal and Fish Oil," Dr. Andrew Jackson, International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization; "Optimizing Uses of Rendered Products," Dr. Geoff Allen and Mark Booth, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australia; "Bacterial Control in Feed Production and Processing — What are the Options and Benefits?" Dr. Adam Smith, Anitox; "Trace Minerals — Quality Challenges and Protecting Our Business," Tara Jarman, Alltech; "Sodium Bensoate — A Promising Acidifier for Pigs," Dr. Li Li, Kemira Asia Pacific; "Rapid Analysis Prediction of Available Energy in Feed Grains," John Spragg, Australian Co-operative Research Centre; "Taking Account of Non-Nutritional Parameters Such as Plant and Energy Constraints within the Formulation Process," Ian Mealey, Format International Ltd; and

"Raw Material Evaluation and How to Extract the Full Value from It," Sheila Ramos, Evonik Degussa SEA Pte Ltd.

For registration information and more details about the conference, visit Early registration is strongly advised; walk-ins will only be accepted on a space-available basis.


"Quality Matters" is the theme of the first GRAPAS Conference on March 5. The educational program will emphasize grain preservation and sanitation, which are crucial issues for the animal feed and grain-based food industries in South and Southeast Asia. The following topics will be covered during the conference: "Grain: Quality and Condition, Risks and Responsibilities," Pamela Kirby Johnson, The Grain & Feed Trade Association; "The Impact of Mycotoxins in Feed and on Animal Health," Dr. Hsin-Yi Chen, Alltech; Feed Quality and Animal Health: A Review from Mycotoxin Survey Program," DI Ursula Hofsetter, Biomin; "Protecting Consumers from Mycotoxins and Parameters to Assess Mycotoxin Binder Performance," Dr. Koh Thong Jin, Agrifoods Asia; "Long-Term Preservation of High Moisture Grain and Maize with a Non-Corrosive Organic Acid Blend," Dr. Christian Luckstadt, Addcon Nordic; "Tropical Grain Storage — Challenges Involved in Maintaining Overall Grain Quality," Steven Goh, DelstAsia; "In-Situ Measurement of Moisture in Stored Commodities," Peer Hansen, GrainWatch; and "Technologies to Reduce Mycotoxin," Stefan Scheider, Buhler Pre-registration for this conference is required. Discounts are available for groups of three or more, and when combined with the Aquafeed Horizons and/or FIAAP conferences. For details about the conference, visit


Despite the global recession, the petfood industry is still growing, though Euromonitor International says the growth rate has slowed dramatically from the huge increase in recent years. But the Asia-Pacific market is one in which growth is expected to stay healthy, with sales of dog and cat food expected to grow at a faster rate from 2010-14 than it did from 2004-09. That’s why conference organizers believe Bangkok is the ideal location to hold the Petfood Forum.

This year’s forum, to be held on March 3, will feature recognized experts, including noted companion animal nutritionist Dr. George C. Fahey, University of Illinois, who will share his insight on the latest industry topics and trends such as nutrition, best practices and food safety. He will present research on the importance of fiber in the form of fermentable carbohydrates to feline health.

Joining Fahey as presenters at the Petfood Forum will be: Galen Rokey, Wenger, who will discuss the impact of process hardware on petfood safety; Dr. Anton C. Beynen, Vobra Special Petoods, who will discuss all-breed versus breed-specific diets for dogs; Jim Mann, Kermin Nutriscience, who will talk about ensuring freshness by managing biogenic amines in petfood; Dr. Enzhi (Michael) Cheng and Will Henry, Extru-Tech Inc., who will deliver a presentation on critical processing issues in today’s processing environment; Dr. David Thomas, Centre for Feline Nutrition, who will discuss the effect of nutraceutical ingredients on cats’ immune function; and a representative from Mintel, who will examine the market and new product trends leading growth in Asia and around the world.

For registration information as well as more details about the conference, visit


Held March 3, the Fourth Aquafeed Horizons Conference will focus on three key areas of concern for the aquafeed industry: protein sources, natural feed additives and processing efficiency.

The conference will provide aquafeed producers and the allied industries in the Asia Pacific region with information to help them adapt, improve and innovate.

An international lineup of experts will give presentations on a variety of topics that are pertinent to the aquafeed industry. The educational program includes the following presentations:

"Current Aquafeed and Aquaculture in Thailand," Dr. Juadee Pongmaneerat, Thai Department of Fisheries; "Reassuring the Value Chain as to the Sustainability and Purity of Fishmeal and Fish Oil," Dr. Andrew Jackson, International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization; "Rendered Products in Aquafeeds," Dr. Geoff Allan, Port Stephens Fisheries Centre; "Harvesting the Benefits of Grain Application in Aquafeeds," David Smith, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research; "Stabilizing Formulation Cost and Performance of Aquafeeds Require Innovative Approaches," Dr. Peter Coutteau, INVE Nutri-Ad; "Trends in Aquafeed in Southeast Asia and China: Relevance and Technical Solutions," Urs Wuest, Buhler; "Increasing the Ingredient Possibilities for Floating Feeds," Will Henry, Extru-Tech; "Improving Plant Efficiencies," Galen Rokey, Wenger Manufacturing; and "Extrusion of Micro Aquatic and Shrimp Feeds," Joe Kearns, Wenger Manufacturing. Early registration is strongly advised; walk-ins will only be accepted on a space-available basis.


At the Bioenergy International Pellets Update Conference on March 4, the new world "Pellets Map" created by Bioenergy International will be unveiled. All participants will get a wall poster with all major pellets plants represented on it.

There are more than 600 production plants worldwide, with the largest producing 400,000 tonnes per year. But that mark will soon be surpassed as two new plants that are currently under construction will produce 1 million tonnes per year.

The educational program at this year’s conference will feature a presentation of the global production, trade and use of pellets; examples of production and use; a presentation on resources, certification and standards; a review of new technology and processing methods; and a look at fire protection and security matters.

For a specific list of topics and speakers and for registration information, visit


The increasingly important subjects of animal welfare and sustainability will be addressed during the Thai Feed Conference. Experts from the Government Ministries and Departments, the Thai Feed Milling Association and local industry will address the delegates and cite case studies that have proved successful in Thailand and its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. A list of specific topics and speakers was not available when World Grain went to press. For more details about the conference and registration information, visit or send an e-mail to

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