University to team on milling research

by Emily Wilson
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A research venture to develop new milling methods was announced recently between the Department of Cereal and Food Sciences at North Dakota State University in Fargo and Copenhagen, Denmark-based United Milling Systems.

Dennis T. Gordon, professor and former chairman of the Department of Cereal and Food Science at NDSU, said the goal of the program is to use innovative milling techniques to reduce costs and enhance the performance of conventional milling processes.

United Milling has provided a U.S.$800,000 state-of-the-art mill to NDSU to study techniques that use less equipment, space and energy than standard mills. "This could be pretty important to the college, agriculture research and our economy," Gordon said.

The program will use United Milling’s patented Discmill, which uses speed and spacing between rollers to produce flour that is coarser and includes more bran than store-bought white flour, Gordon said. He noted that the technique, which became operational in mid-July, appeals to countries that do not demand the bright white bread popular in the United States.