U.S.D.A. issues organic standards

by Emily Wilson
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Ten years after Congress ordered the development of regulations to govern the marketing of organic products, the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Dec. 20 issued national standards for organic food labeling.

"These are the strictest, most comprehensive organic standards in the world," Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman said. "Our work will lead to even greater growth and opportunity in what is already a U.S.$6-billion organic food industry."

The regulations establish four categories of organic food labeling: "100% organic" products contain only organic ingredients; "Organic" products' ingredients must be at least 95% organic by weight; "Made with organic ingredients" is the label for products containing at least 70% organic ingredients; and products with less than 70% organic ingredients may list those ingredients but may not carry the term "organic" on the front of the package.