U.S. imposes quota on Poland's gluten imports

by Emily Wilson
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POLAND has been added to the list of countries subject to a U.S. quota on wheat gluten imports. According to the U.S. Wheat Gluten Industry Council, the recent decision by President Clinton to impose import quotas on Poland were based on findings by the U.S. International Trade Commission, which noted that U.S. imports from Poland beginning June 1, 1998 had surged to over 5 million pounds and accounted for nearly 3% of total U.S. wheat gluten imports.

The Foreign Agricultural Service office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Warsaw, in its "Poland Grain and Feed Annual 2000" report issued in late April, said there had been a rise in foreign investment in Poland's wheat gluten processing. The U.S.-based Cargill, Inc. confirmed that its facility in Wroclaw, Poland, which produces sweetener products from wheat with wheat gluten as a coproduct, is shipping wheat gluten to the United States.

The F.A.S. said Poland's wheat gluten production could double in the next year.