U.K. flour miller makes efficiency improvements to simplify flour milling process

by Teresa Acklin
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   BRAINTREE, ESSEX, U.K. — Carier Bulk Materials Handling Ltd. recently completed an upgrade for William Nelstrop & Co. Ltd., a family-owned flour milling company in Stockport, that included design and installation of systems to handle intake through to bulk outloading of finished product and an increase in storage space.

   Working within the confines of Nelstrop's existing facility in Stockport, new equipment was combined with improvements to existing machinery to improve reliability and increase productivity, according to Conrad Syers, Nelstrop's technical director.

   To increase throughput capacity, Carier retrofitted a new belt and bucket assembly to the existing intake elevator. Product is transferred to silo storage via a top screw trough conveyor, 31 meters long and 400 millimeters in diameter, with a capacity of 120 tonnes per hour.

   Wheat is transferred from silos to the storage area and cleaning process by a series of silo screw dischargers to a larger diameter U-trough conveyor, close-coupled to a 60 tph elevator fitted with explosion relief panels and a rotating underspeed sensor.

   Flour is transferred to storage by multiple U-trough screw conveyors of varying diameters, dust-tight covers and close tolerant flighting to ease cleaning. A set of quadruple tapered screw bin dischargers with 5 tph capacity also were installed.

   Multiple dischargers were installed under the flour bins, including twin tapered dischargers that feed into two 350-mm diameter U-trough screw conveyors. Finished product is transferred to the bagging plant or to bulk outloading to road tankers at a rate of 40 tph.

   The project was completed without disrupting Nelstop's 24-hour production routine, Mr. Syers said.