Total monitoring system

by Emily Wilson
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The Scancenter LXM bearing, belt misalignment and shaft speed monitoring system recently introduced by The Rolfes Company, Danville, Iowa, U.S., provides real-time data using standard type-T thermocouples for monitoring bearings and belt misalignment. An alarm sounds if an overload condition develops. If speed is further reduced, the Scancenter LXM will automatically stop the equipment. The system uses remote I/O boxes, which can be located in the various motor control centers in the plant, to communicate to the Scancenter. Once programmed, the system begins reading sensors after a short, built-in delay that allows time for equipment to reach full speed. Capable of reading 128 sensors for bearings and misalignments and 10 for shaft speed monitoring, the system will continuously monitor for dangerous conditions and will take corrective measures if a problem arises.