Toshiko Satake honored by CCOA

by Emily Buckley
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HIROSHIMA, JAPAN — Mrs. Toshiko Satake, chairperson of Satake Corporation, in March was appointed Honorable Vice Chief Director of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA) in China. The announcement was made March 27 at a technical conference on cereal processing that was sponsored by Satake.

Dr. Robert Satoru Satake, former chairperson of Satake Corp., was similarly appointed as an Honorable Vice Chief Director in 1999.

The title was given in recognition by Chinese Authorities of the contribution by Satake to the aims and objectives of the CCOA, and it is expected to reaffirm the relations between China and Japan in this field.

The CCOA was established in 1985 for the purpose of advising the Chinese Central Government regarding R&D, standardization and modernization in the cereals and oils fields. The association also coordinates technical conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions and courses, as well as publications and technical training inside and outside of China. It also has close relations with the China State Grain Administration and the China Association for Science and Technology.

The "Technical Conference on Cereal Processing," held from March 27-29, was jointly sponsored by the Satake Corporation, China State Grain Administration and Henan (Provincial) Grain Administration. The conference program concentrated on cereal processing technology and by-products utilization, and the Satake PeriTec wheat flour processing technology was featured.

The Satake Corp. has established several business interests in China, including a Beijing Liaison Office as well as three joint-venture mills. Wholly owned subsidiaries include Satake Manufacturing Suzhou Co., Ltd., for manufacturing rice, wheat and maize processing machinery and Satake System Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., for development of software and designing PLC systems.