Technical profile: containerized flour mill

by Teresa Acklin
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   Contributed by suppliers, technical profiles feature new technology, products, specific applications or proprietary concepts. This article was prepared by Ottevanger Machinefabrieken B.V., Moerkapelle, the Netherlands.

   Ottevanger, designer and manufacturer of milling equipment and milling installations, recently has added the containerized flour mill to its range of products.

   For several years, Ottevanger has offered a containerized feedmill. This unique design of container frames with pre-assembled components requires only a few hook-ups on site and then is ready to operate as a complete plant. It offers a very suitable solution for developing countries or countries with infrastructure problems.

   In such countries, the production facility needs to be as close as possible to both the raw material supplier and the end-product buyer. This means that in general, the capacity of the production unit must be rather small. Therefore, the containerized feedmill has capacities ranging from 1 to 20 tonnes per hour.

   Other important advantages of the container design are that it is easy to transport and can be erected on site within a period of three weeks. This last advantage means that erection costs and especially the costs of expensive supervision are considerably lower than for a conventional mill.

   The Ottevanger containerized flour mill seems a logical further development after the containerized feedmill, which is designed to fulfill the need to provide proper feed for cattle, poultry or fish in certain geographic areas. The containerized flour mill, on the other hand, is designed to fulfill the more urgent need to provide proper food to the human population, often in the same areas.

   At present, the containerized flour mill can be delivered with capacities of 12 to 120 tonnes of wheat per 24 hours. Ottevanger containerized flour mills are built to meet individual requirements.

   The first containerized flour mill was sold to Russia and was shipped at the end of 1992. The mill consists of three containers, mounted on top of each other. The containers are approximately 6 meters by 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters, and the plant's daily capacity is 25 tonnes.

   The three containers are placed within an existing building. The grain arrives directly from the silo or by truck and is cleaned and conditioned in three conditioning bins, which are made of prefabricated corrugated steelplates and profiles also supplied by Ottevanger. When running hard wheat through the mill, a second damping can be done.

   The wheat cleaning section comprises a cleaner separator with aspirator, a stoner and a damping system running at 2 tph to 3 tph. The second damping can be done at 4 tph.

   The milling section has a roll surface of 16.6 millimeters per 100 kilograms of wheat per 24 hours. The sifter surface is 0.054 square meters per 100 kg of wheat per 24 hours.

   This mill produced a straight run flour at 73% extraction. The total installed power is 91.63 kilowatts.

   The containerized flour mill is easy to operate and is equipped with reliable and well-proven machines and components. These features and the above-mentioned advantages mean the containerized flour mill certainly will find its way to clients looking for compact or small-capacity flour production units.