Swiss Milling School gets new management

by Emily Wilson
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The Swiss Milling School in St. Gallen is under new leadership. Hendri Kruesi on April 1 took over management of the school, succeeding Gerold Haeberli, who had held that position for 27 years.

Dr. Kruesi studied food technology and obtained his doctorate on the aging process in bread at the Institute for Food Sciences. In the 1980s, he also trained in process-orientated psychology as well as creative art and life processes.

Dr. Kruesi said the combination of specialized subjects and life themes is a particular challenge for him. "It is a real concern of mine that graduates of the Swiss Milling School are confronted with topics which complement their specialist training, such as communication, creativity and leadership," he said.

Haeberli was head of the school for almost three decades. Heinrich Soll-berger, one of the school‘s lecturers, described Haeberli as an extremely competent and valued director with great knowledge, integrity and realism. "To a large degree, the SMS owes its worldwide reputation to him," Sollberger said.

Haeberli will become an independent consultant for various U.N. organizations, and is a delegate for the Federal Office of Health in the European Standards Commission for Cereal Products.