Supplier Update: German company tests grain chillers in China

by Teresa Acklin
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   BEILNGRIES, GERMANY — Gebruder Schmidt AG, a German grain chilling equipment manufacturer, earlier this year participated in a demonstration of its equipment at a paddy rice storage facility in China. The test was organized and supervised by a government delegation from the State Administration of Grain Reserve in Beijing and the Yunnan Grain, Food and Oil Science Research Institute in Kunming.

   The demonstration, which also involved another German manufacturer as well as a Chinese manufacturer of grain chillers, was conducted in February at a state-owned storage facility in Yingjiang in the Yunnan Province, about 40 kilometers east of the Burma border. Schmidt said it sent two employees from its headquarters in Beilngries to provide on-site assistance and service.

   During the test, about 1,300 tonnes of paddy rice were cooled down to a temperature below 14°C in a one week period. At that temperature, insects and mycosis are harmless to grain, the company said.

   Schmidt said that despite outside temperatures of more than 30°C during the day and extreme relative humidity at night temperatures below 8°C, its SK3c model grain chiller was able to automatically control an even, stable and conditioned cooling air with a temperature below 10°C and with a stable relative humidity below 70%.

   “The data were demonstrably stable during the whole period of testing,” Schmidt said.

   The company said it hoped the positive results of the demonstration would impact its sales in Asia.