Supplier Update: Christianson unveils improved Vac-U-Vator bulk conveying line

by Teresa Acklin
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   BLOMKEST, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Several improvements have been made to the Vac-U-Vator bulk conveying and ship unloading equipment, Christianson Systems, Inc. announced recently. The Vac-U-Vator line is manufactured by one of the company's subsidiaries, Dunbar Kapple.

   “Over the last several years, the bulk handling industry has been demanding lower investment costs, shorter lead times, more versatile and flexible equipment, and easier and less expensive startup, operation and maintenance,” Christianson said.

   The Vac-U-Vator can now be used to move dustier products, such as meals, by utilizing an automatic self-cleaning filter receiver that minimizes the amount of dust entering the turbo-blower and lengthens the equipment's service life, Christianson said. The turbo-blower provides vacuum intake and pressure discharge, and can convey up to 100 meters in most any application.

   Vac-U-Vator's modular, fabricated design minimizes shipping and erection costs, the company added. All items are shipped via ISO ocean-shipping containers. A Vac-U-Vator can fit in one 40-foot standard ocean container and can be assembled and ready for operation in two days.

   “The inherent design of the turbo blower — used to create main suction and pressure discharge — makes it easier to operate and maintain,” Christianson said.

   The equipment is fully assembled and pre-tested at the factory to reduce installation and commissioning time and expense, the company said. Most equipment can be shipped within eight to 12 weeks.

   Some 3,000 Vac-U-Vator units have been installed worldwide, Christianson said.