Sukup boosts load rating on grain bins

by Emily Wilson
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SHEFFIELD, IOWA, U.S. — Sukup Manufacturing Co. recently increased the official load rating on its entire line of farm grain bins to 5,000 lbs. This rating is leading the industry, the company said.

Earlier this year, Sukup demonstrated the strength of their bin roofs by placing a fully-equipped minivan on top of a 48-foot diameter roof assembled outside it manufacturing facilities in Sheffield, Iowa.

John Kerr, Sukup’s grain bin sales director, said, "The Sukup unstiffened grain bin roof has no peer in our industry. Corrugated flat sections and high ribs with double-strength bends totally eliminate oil canning and combine to make this roof as strong as it is."

Sukup roof sheets are made out of 55,000 psi tensile strength, G90 galvanized sheets, and feature 3-inch ribs for strength and rigidity. To help the roof withstand heavy snow loads and high winds, Sukup added two bends in the sides of the ribs. Ridges have been added to the sheets to increase the stiffness and make the panels easier to handle. Serrated flange nuts are used to join and secure the roof panels, providing easier erection and a solid, steady structure.