Spomasz: Tradition of high quality and customer service

by Chrystal Shannon
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Tradition of high quality and customer service evident in processing equipment range

Spomasz Ostrów Wielkopolski in its more than 100-year history has introduced versatile, modern technologies and a growing range of products designed primarily for the milling industry but also for food and chemical industries as well as environmental protection.

Spomasz products are sold internationally. Through implementation of the quality management system ISO 9001, systematic market analysis and the ability to adapt production to the clients’ needs, Spomasz produces the highest quality products with moderate, competitive prices.

Spomasz supplies centrifugal cast rolls for various applications in the food processing industries such as flour milling, feed milling, seed cracking and flaking, coffee grinding, dough laminating and more. With full control over the casting process, Spomasz ensures uniform hardness of the roll (500-540 HB) up to depths of 25 mm. Spomasz rolls can be re-fluted up to six times and adapted for water cooling.

Roller mills from Spomasz feature reliable performance, high capacity and lower energy consumption. The double roller mill, model FMO-5A, is ideal for milling wheat, corn, rye and barley. The eight-roll roller mill, model FMO-6A, with double milling passage, ensures high grinding output and good flour quality. Spomasz’ newest product, the Grain Flow Balancer SSZ-e stabilizes grain input into the mill stream to maximize mill yields. The balancer features a touch-screen display, remote operation and the ability to connect and control three other flow balancers. Normally installed under silos, the SSZ-e allows permanent control and immediate response to changing properties.

As a turnkey supplier, Spomasz’s product range includes cleaning, milling, mixing and packing technology. Service is complete with consultation, planning, design, engineering, start-up, after-sales service and staff training.

Spomasz also manufactures Root’s type blowers, for use in pneumatic transportation when the carrier of transported material must be free from oil impurities.

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