Specializing in laboratory testing equipment for the milling industry

by Emily Wilson
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Since 1930, Chopin has specialized in the development and production of laboratory equipment for testing flour, wheat and semolina. Its range of laboratory equipment is promoted all over the world through a network of distributors selected for their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Chopin offers solutions to users who must determine the quality of raw materials and products during processing and in the finished product. These users include millers, grain suppliers, bread bakers, cracker and cookie manufacturers, pasta producers, and frozen dough and yeast manufacturers.

By continuously listening to the needs of its users, Chopin is an innovator in new applications and new testing equipment. The company recently developed the Consistograph, which determines the water absorption capacity of flour and measures dough behavior during kneading. The Alveo-Consistograph combines the Consistograph and the Alveograph characteristics, expanding on well-known rheological test capabilities.

Through similar innovations, Chopin offers solutions for testing the quality of grain, checking moisture content and specific weight (TM-NG moisture meter); for testing the quality of flour, measuring starch damage (Rapid FT Analyzer); and for testing flour and dough fermentation properties (Rheofermentometer).

Since June 1997, Chopin has been on the Internet at www.chopin-sa.com. This site has increased dialogue between the company and its customers and distributors, and provides information about products and developments.

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