South Africa upgrades maize milling equipment

by Emily Buckley
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BREDBURY, U.K. — Satake Corp. and its associate Techmach Technology of Krugersdorp, South Africa, have sold 36 maize degerminator systems, 31 in South Africa and 5 into neighboring countries.

The equipment comprises SHD Hydrators, grain tempering mixers, the latest VBF Vertical Degerminators and KB Polishers, Satake said. The new technology was originally developed for Allem Brothers of Vil-joenskroon for processing white maize and has subsequently been developed further to handle a wide range of yellow maize varieties. The systems allow for higher yield of prime products; low fat and fiber flaking grit; higher capacity; and simpler operation of milling plant.

The deregulation of the milling industry in South Africa has necessitated companies achieve economies of scale and raise technical performance standards.

Nineteen of the degerminators will go to Sasko Milling & Baking, a division of Pioneer Food Group Ltd., for incorporation into their maize mills.

Satake has sold more than 100 of the new systems worldwide in a 22-month period, to mill over 3 million tonnes of maize per annum. End products range from high-class flaking grits for breakfast cereals to ethanol for fuel.

The VBF Degermer is the latest model in Satake’s range of vertical cereal processing machines, which allow higher yields and capacity, lower specific power con-sumption, easy main-tenance and a smaller footprint. Satake’s range of vertical cereal processes extends from the polishing of basmati rice to PeriTec wheat debranning to a recent success hulling pulses. The SHD Hydrator uniformly mixes the preconditioning moisture and accelerates its absorbtion through its unique vibrating action.