Sortex supplies equipment to Colombian mill

by Emily Wilson
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Sortex, Inc., which handles American sales for U.K.-based Sortex Ltd., recently completed an installation of its 128-channel Sortex 90004 rice sorting machine at Arrocera La Esmeralda, a leading rice milling company in Colombia’s Valle de Cauca.

More than 50 years ago, Manuel Suso created Arrocera La Esmeralda, which is now run by his son Jose Manuel Suso.

"We installed the 128 channel Sortex 90004 Focus sorting machine and results were staggering," Suso said. "The amount of rejected good product fell by 50% and the processing rate leapt to 12.5 tonnes per hour — way beyond the capacity of our previous unit."

Plant Manager Jorge Humberto Arcila also noticed an improvement. "After an 80-tonne run, only 120 kilos are rejected," he said. "Efficiency is such that the machine has to be stopped for 15 minutes each hour to allow the rest of the mill to catch up. Importantly, we don’t have to make continual adjustments nor is constant monitoring necessary. Moreover, program ‘recipes’ can be stored which allows us to accommodate product changes easily."

The company also ordered a complete section of Buhler white rice milling equipment.

Sortex, part of the Swiss engineering group Bühler AG, focuses research and development in optical design, applied physics, electronic hardware, software design and mechanical engineering.