Ship Unloading solutions developed for difficult-to-handle materials

by Emily Wilson
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An innovative leader in pneumatic and mechanical ship unloading and loading, Fritz Werner Industries GmbH offers complete solutions for difficult-to-handle materials and extreme conditions.

A complete range of ship unloaders is available for a wide variety of materials and capacities. For poor flowing materials such as agricultural foodstuffs, pitch or quick-lime, Fritz Werner offers a special ship unloader with a rotating feeding device at the suction nozzle that loosens the material and feeds it to the conveying pipe. The model includes special design features that reduce wear and minimize material breakage. To reach maximum maneuverability, the vertical conveying pipe as well as the loosening unit can be kicked in and out by hydraulic cylinders.

Pneumatic ship unloaders for grain, cereals, oilseeds and foodstuffs are available in capacities up to 1,000 tonnes per hour. Mechanical loading equipment for ships, trucks and wagons or combined ship unloading and loading equipment also is available. Loading capacities range up to 2,000 tph for most material types. Special devices for dust suppression can be installed to achieve almost dust-free loading.

Fritz Werner plants are successfully in operation around the world and offer the right solution for bulk solids.

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