Seeking information on milling conferences

by Emily Wilson
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Dear editor,

Our company produces wheat flour, biscuits, pasta and bread from local and foreign wheat for the local Ethiopian market. Since our flour is sometimes of poor quality, we are planning to improve our flour quality by using a variety of bleaching agents. World Grain has been very important in providing information about bleaching techniques.

It is well-known that our milling experience in Africa is a bit lower than that of European milling enterprises. So, we want to attend international conferences, congresses and symposiums on milling wheat flour or any related area, just to share experiences with other millers. Please kindly provide information on any future conferences.

Solomon Teklu

Kaliti Food Factory,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Editor's reply: Mr. Teklu, we are glad that we can provide information that you consider valuable for your company's day-to-day business. We encourage you and all our readers to keep us informed of future stories and topics that you would find useful and interesting.

In regard to upcoming conferences and symposiums, there are several remaining in 2000. Please see the calendar on page 8.

In addition, a calendar for 2001 will be included in World Grain's International Buyers Guide in December. To be included in this calendar, organizations and businesses that wish to publicize events for the grain and milling industries should submit information to no later than Nov. 1, 2000.