Seedburo to distribute WheatRite in North America

by Emily Buckley
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, U.S. — The Australian-developed WheatRite will be sold and marketed throughout the U.S. and Canada by Seedburo Equipment Company of Chicago, following a distribution agreement with C-Qentec Diagnostics Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia.

The WheatRite test is based on an immunoassay platform and provides farmers, grain handlers and millers with a quick three-minute test to assess the levels of alpha-amylase present in cereal grains with results that compare to those of traditional testing methods. This allows rapid and accurate segregation of weather-damaged cereal grains and provides an important quality measure for buyers and processors.

Bruce Howie, General Manager of C-Qentec described WheatRite as a low-cost, semi-quantitative test that can be performed by non-laboratory personnel in the field.

Tom Runyon, president of Seedburo, said, "A small amount of damaged grain can badly affect the baking qualities of a shipment of grain. WheatRite offers a solution that doesn’t rely on expensive, laboratory-based equipment. Consumers’ worldwide demand food products to carry a high level of quality assurance, which means every link in the supply chain is crucial. WheatRite will provide a valuable tool for growers, grain handlers, flour millers, processors and bakers."

WheatRite is also available in a fully quantitative test using the ReadRite immunoassay reader. For further details and information, contact Seedburo Equipment Company.