Schmidt-Seeger: Working as a team to meet customers' facility needs

by Chrystal Shannon
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Schmidt-Seeger AG specializes in the production of equipment and facilities for the conveying, processing and storage of cereals and other bulk materials, as well as for environmental and disposal technology. Various systems are produced, including conveying, cleaning and sorting, drying and cooling, aeration, laboratory sampling and malt systems.

The latest technology is used during project planning to produce the highest quality standard. To accommodate customer modifications in the course of planning, the company uses a team approach involving its sales, production, and financial management divisions to produce an integrated production planning and control system.

Schmidt-Seeger originated in 1929 as Flour Millwright Works, founded by brothers Michael and Andreas Schmidt. In 1957, Michael’s son took over and named the company Schmidt Brothers, with offices located in Brunnmühle, Germany. Twenty years later, the offices were moved to their current location in Beilngries, Germany, on 12,000 square meters. A second 8,000-square-meter manufacturing facility was acquired in 1993 at Döbeln, Saxony, Germany.

In 2000, the company was renamed Schmidt AG. The following year, Schmidt acquired the German malting plant producer Seeger GmbH, resulting in another company name change in 2002 to Schmidt-Seeger AG.

The company’s experience lies in the planning, design and execution of complex plants for cereal processing, including:

· Grain processing plants with cleaning and grading machines.

•Grain drying plants as well as storage and conveying technology.

•Ship loading and unloading facilities for grain with intermediate storage for inland and sea ports.

•Malt processing plants.

•Seed processing plants.

•Storage and conveying plants for various industrial sectors.

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92339 Beilngries, Germany

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