Satake donation to benefit research at Satake Center

by Emily Wilson
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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND — The Satake Corporation of Japan recently donated more than £530,000 (equal to about U.S.$794,000) to expand research activities at the Satake Centre for Grain Process Engineering, in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Satake previously donated more than £1 million (U.S.$1.5 million) in cash and equipment to help establish the Satake Centre, the U.K.'s first postgraduate center dedicated to the grain processing industries.

The recent donation will be used to hire three research officers and other support staff for the next five years, according to Colin Webb, director of the Satake Centre. "Having established the necessary infrastructure for a successful center, including world-class laboratory facilities, the Satake Centre is now ready to enter a second phase of development," he said. "The new funds will enable us to accelerate and consolidate existing research programs."

Research at the Satake Centre focuses on primary processing of cereals (flour milling), secondary processing of cereals (breadmaking, brewing) and novel uses of cereals (probiotics, bioprocessing of cereals for non-food products).

Major research programs include modeling and optimization of the flour milling process, the creation and evolution of cereal-based food foams, and the development and demonstration of a generic, cereal-based fermentation feedstock.